Black & light brown hunnkatt ble funnet i Bærum

Annonse-ID: 112727 | Område: Solbergveien | Ble funnet: 09.11.2022 | Oppdatert: 17.11.2022 17:58

Ble funnet
Solbergveien (Bærum)
Solbergveien 44, Leilihet 1.Etg., 1337 SANDVIKA
Kort, tricolour
Black & light brown

Beskrivelse av utseende og kjennetegn

The cat is a female cat, she is quite young (around 1 year old). Black, ginger and light brown coat, short hair with quite a dense fur. Her eyes are light brown matching her coat. She has three light brown paws and one black (a back one). She is very lovely and playful and it seems that she is used to live in a house. She likes playing with children, cuddles, and also long naps on people’s lap.


When I opened my front door on Wednesday 9th November 2022 at 7.50am, I found a cat in my garden that was chased by magpies. The cat seems lost and didn’t know where to hide to escape from the magpies who were quite agressive to the cat. To escape from the magpies, the cat decided to follow my daughter on her way to school. She followed my daughter and her friends until they arrived at the jonction with the main road (Solbergveien) where there was quite a lot of traffic. My daughter called me as she was scared that the cat crossed the road and can be hit by a car. I went there at the jonction and took the cat in my harms and brought the cat back to my home. The cat stayed with me in my house 45min (she drank and ate) and went back outside in my garden when I left my home to go to work. After I came back from work, around 4.30pm the cat was in my garden again and when I opened my front door she came inside immediately. Since the cat is with us in our home, sleeping, eating, drinking and playing.

Enden på visa

The owner of the cat called me and took the cat back.